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  1. Take a look at our beautiful selection of plaques and signs! They can all be personalised with the wording of your choice.

    Wood you believe it?

    These delightful rustic plaques are made from wood slices from a Poplar tree - including jute string so they can be hung up anywhere!

    bug hotel

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    Beautiful Birch

    This wonderful hanging heart plaque is made up of slices of birch - 15-19 words/phrases of your choice can be hand engraved on there for a truly personalised gift.

    birchlog slice

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    5 Stars!

    Our 'chunky' wooden plaques such as this freestanding star are made from furniture grade, kiln dried, FSC approved rested wood!


    Shop this gift!


    Not Too Shabby. . .

    Shabby chic style plaques are now back in stock - featuring a charming distressed paint finish!


    Shop this gift!


    Can these plaques be used outdoors?

    Our hanging wood slice and log slice plaques can be used outside, but must be treated with a wood perservative before-hand.

  2. We stock a range of products made out of beautiful driftwood - perfect to bring a part of the beach into your home!

    Frame Your Memories
    Driftwood Photo Frame

    Pieced-together Plaque
    This impressive driftwood heart plaque is made from pieces of natural driftwood, and can have 2-3 words per driftwood piece!
    Large Heart Plaque

    A Sign of the Times . . .
    These fantasitc driftwood signs are great for throught-provoking quotes, and in this case - marking your territory!
    They come hung with a jute string.
    Driftwood Sign
    Shop this gift!

    Double Heart Frame
    This driftwood double frame has heart-shaped cutouts to contain your photos - a perfect gift for a significant other!

    I have an urgent order - can you send it any faster?
    If you have a time-sensitive order, there is a box at check-out where you can request a specific date - we can't guarantee this, however.
    You can contact us if you have a specific date in mind before ordering so we can advise if this is possible.
  3. Spoil your dad this Father's Day (Sunday, June 21st) with one of our beautiful, handcrafted gifts - which can be personalised to give it that extra special touch.

    Have a DIY-type Dad?
    This hand-engraved hammer is the perfect practical gift for a practical Grandad!

    Shop this gift!

    Father's Day Plaques...
    From the heartfelt to the hilarious, we have a varied selection of beautiful Father's Day plaques.

    This wacky one would make a fabulous gift for a special farty father!

    ...And Photo Frames
    We also stock a wonderful range of photo frames, which can have text positioned for portrait and landscape photos.
    This touching frame has hearts engraved into the wood!

    Get your dad a plushie!
    Many cute plushies are available on our website, such as this adorable monkey!
    The wooden tag can be customised to your liking.

    When will my product arrive?
    Due to the current pandemic, your product may arrive later than you would normally expect due to delays with Royal Mail deliveries.
    Make sure that you order nice and early to avoid disappointment!
  4. Hello all!

    It has been, as of writing, seven weeks since the lockdown has started.

    That’s a lot of time to be so far away from your loved ones.

    With our products, however, you can still manage to have some physical contact with your loved ones by sending a hug their way!

    A lovely way to do this would be through a cuddly teddy, complete with a tag with can be personalised with any message of your choosing!


    Or maybe an elephant would suit your recipient’s style better?


    If you think that some other animal would be the perfect fit, feel free to take a look at the rest of our plushie catalogue. We have giraffes, monkeys, and even unicorns on offer, all complete with a bespoke wooden tag! 


    These wooden plaques would look great hanging on the door to one of your living-room-based restaurants – although, of course, the message on the plaques can personalised to however you want it!



    So maybe you could come up with your own catchy name for your establishment, and create your own personalised startup pub for you and your significant other to enjoy!

    For a loved one who wants to keep you in their thoughts, an encouraging photo frame such as this would go well with a nice (Or, knowing the expressions that some teenage nephews can pull, not-so-nice!) family photo.


    This engraved chopping was a gift from a residential home that was given to the 'Yarbridge Inn', as a thanks to them for stepping up and helping the people at the home out. 

    Helping each other out has only gotten more valuable during this situation, and this gift made a lovely token of appreciation to people who understood that fact.

    3ae8a948-d691-4c93-bc78-a3fa1a834079 (1)

    Whilst it can be hard to remain at home during these difficult times, the people who are experiencing the brunt of this are our key workers. These brave people have put themselves outside of the relative safety of their homes so that they can keep our communities running and families safe.

    To all of our key workers: thank you.

  5. Hello all!

    There’s no doubt that staying at home during the lockdown can be tough. Hopefully, however, by remaining close (if not physically!) to our families and supporting each other, we can all make getting through these trying times just a little bit easier.

    We have wide range of personalised gifts that would be well-suited to giving your loved ones some much-needed support over the next few months.

    As lovely as it can be to be bunched up with your family like sardines, it can make squabbles more prone to occur: little ones arguing over the video game controller; teenage sons who have entirely different standards for what counts as a clean bedroom; a hubby or wife who’s begging you to watch a show on Netflix that you just cant get into.

    In such an . . . *ahem* bustling environment, this personalised sign is suitable for all areas of the house! It could provide a nice decoration, say, for that shed that you’re sprucing up – or maybe it would make a suitable welcome (or warning!) to hang up on the front door.39212806-5095-425D-9D3C-A1A401422E8AIf you’re looking for a sign that’s perhaps a bit more flattering to hang in your home, remember that we can personalise the plaque however you want! Maybe instead of ‘The Nags Shed’, you could have ‘The Man Cave’, or, if you want to provide a tribute to a furry friend, ‘The Dog House’!

    Got a place where your kids love to veg out? A bedroom that they love to hang out in, or a garage with the comfiest bean bag chairs?  Some popular ones recently have been for children’s dens, treehouses, playhouses, and mud kitchens – see below for some examples.01C099A0-9E27-4B7C-9692-D088AD2FACA1These wooden plaques are hung by natural jute string, and would make fabulous bespoke decorations to identify your child’s ‘chillout’ zone!

    If you want to send it as gift – it would be perfect for, say, a friend’s child – then you can also include a gift tag. Simply notify us of what you wish it to say in a text box at the checkout, and your gift will come with this extra personal touch.D429991C-39AD-46D3-905A-EFB8EFEC50E0Send a hug directly to a loved one with these soft toys complete with a hand-engraved wooden tag!

    Coming wrapped in tissue paper (as the rest of our catalogue also does), this cuddly plushie will make a perfect gift! You can choose a different delivery address to send your gift directly to your loved one and we will leave the invoice out of your parcel if required.70CB1E93-8E65-4CDD-A81E-70EC87F5DBADBecause we work at home, we have been fortunate enough to still be able to operate during the four weeks so far of quarantine.

    The government has encouraged online business to stay open, which we will do as long as Royal Mail continues to deliver – although please note that there may be delays in deliveries. We have reduced our Post Office visits to twice per week, whilst we’re collecting other essentials.

    Rest assured that during this period our products will remain up to the same high standard that you’ve come to expect!

    Stay safe!

  6. Fast dispatch

    As Christmas creeps ever closer, things are really starting to step up at Pretty and Personalised and I am working all day and every evening  to ensure your orders are dispatched quickly!

    Current dispatch times for most products are approximately 3-4 working days, and can often be posted quicker than this if required!  You can leave me a note in the box at checkout to request your item for a specific date and I will do my best to help.

    Free postage

    All orders include free UK postage.  Items are posted via Royal Mail, 2nd class post so you can expect to receive your order in 2-3 working days from dispatch.  You can upgrade to 1st class post at checkout for £1 to receive your item 1-2 working days from dispatch.

    Recent orders

    See below for some of your lovely recent orders!  All items start off completely blank and so can have ANY wording you like on them - if you have seen something you like but need to change a couple of words, or would like to design your own gift entirely, just write the wording you require in the text boxes provided!

     Caterpillar personalised photo frame ...

    Best friends are we caterpillar personalised photo frame

    'Best friends are we ... my uncle / grandad / nana and me' personalised engraved photo frame, finished off with a cute and colourful caterpillar.

    Personalised photo frame for special cousins ...

    Special cousins personalised photo frame


    Perfect for a cheeky photo of you and your cousins!

    'Roar' means 'I love you' in dinosaur photo frame ...

    Roar means I love you personalised photo frame

    This gorgeous dinosaur frame has been popular lately and I love it!

    Just click on the photos to take you to the picture frame on the website!

    Happy shopping and I will write again soon!

  7. Just whizzing by to show you my latest attempt at making a YouTube video to showcase some of my Christmas products!  I quite enjoyed the process of making the video and plan to do more in the coming months ... and let's face it, they can only get better can't they?!

    My YouTube channel is

    Pretty and Personalised

    if you would like to subscribe!

    I have been working on some updates on my website to try to keep it as user-friendly, and particularly, as mobile-friendly as possible!  Whatever did we do in the days before mobile phones?!

    Gotta go, my lovely bed is calling me!

  8. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Have you even thought about it yet?

    I must say, this year I have been very lax ... I am normally well on my wasy to finishing by now!

    I am REALLY looking forward to Christmas this year!  Last Christmas, I was lucky enough to go to Perth, Australia for a month with my lovely husband and three boys to stay with my hubby's family - we flew out on 10th December (correction, our flight was cancelled last minute due to the heavy snow, so we actually flew out on 11th December but that is another l-o-n-g story!) and so I never even put up my Christmas tree last year!

    Have you ever experienced Christmas in a hot climate?  It was very, very strange - seeing Christmas decorations up everywhere in the blazing hot sunshine was surreal!  We had the most amazing time out there but I am really looking forward to putting up my Christmas tree this year (a task I normally stress over as I am so busy with orders I cannot seem to comfortably fit the timeframe needed to get my (several) Christmas trees up!).

    So, as unorganised as I am being in my personalised life, I have been a little better at Pretty and Personalised and my Christmas products have had a much needed re-vamp and several new ones have been added to the website!

    'Baby's first Christmas' and 'Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs' are always popular and these have been given an update, and there has been a lovey addition for 'Our first Christmas as a family' plaque.

    Personalised wooden and acrylic Christmas decorations

    Which one is your favourite?  If you click on the photo, it will take you straight to the Christmas category so you can browse the products available.

    This lovely glass heart can be personalised with your own message and is perfect to celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple.

    Personalised glass heart 'Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs'.

    This acrylic star Christmas tree decoration has the personalisation handwritten in fine white ink and comes with either a blue or pink sparkly ribbon.  It would make a gorgeous addition to your Christmas tree and is a perfect way to celebrate baby's first Christmas!

    Personalised acrylic star Christmas tree decoration for baby's first Christmas


    I would love to see your photos of your products from Pretty and Personalised!  They will be featured on the 'Customer Photo Gallery' and you can send them to me via social media or email - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest (links at the bottom of the page)

    Email me at [email protected]

    Ciao for now!


  9. Good evening all!  It is currently a Saturday evening in September, the rain seems to have eased but the heating has well and truly been ON today - it seems our long, hot Summer has come to an end.

    I have a lovely glass of red wine in front of me and while my hubby is flicking between the football (England vs Spain), the golf and the boxing (he is spoilt for choice tonight!), I thought I would take the opportunity to write a blog post and show you a brand new make!

    I made this lovely baby scan photo frame a couple of days ago ...

    Personalised baby scan photo frame wooden

    ... and as I was engraving the due date it got me thinking about how many babies actually arrive bang on their due date?  And how much does their date of birth affect their life, particularly their childhood?

    For example, if a baby is due towards the end of August, their actual date of birth determines whether they start school when they are nearly 5 years old, or when they have only just turned 4 years old - 12 months makes such a huge difference doesn't it at that age?

    Or maybe the due date is around New Year and and the actual arrival date determines whether they are born in one year or the next?

    Or maybe the date of birth determines whether their birthday falls in the school holidays every year, or whether they miss out by just a couple of days!

    I am lucky enough to have triplets and their due date was 11th April but we knew from early on in the pregnancy that they would arrive early - 34 weeks gestation is average for triplet pregnancies and I was so relieved to reach this milestone and delivered my boys just a couple of days after reaching 34 weeks.  At 6 weeks early, they were very small (around 3lb 3oz each) but healthy and after a four week stay in the Neonatal Unit they were allowed home weighing approximately 5lb each!

    Newborn triplet boys

    This was their first photos taken by the Neonatal nurses (apologies for the poor quality pics!)  Those photos still melt me, seeing how tiny and vulnerable they were!

    14 years later, they are now taller than me, and still growing by the day!

    The fact that they were born in February instead of April didn't have a huge impact on them but I would love to hear your stories of how close to their due date your little ones arrived and if this impacted them at all?

    Personalised Grandparent gifts are always popular at Pretty and Personalised and I loved how this recent order for a special Grandad turned out


    Grandad personalised photo frame


    The white wooden hearts have been a fairly recent additon to the website and they add a whole new range of possibilities to the photo frames for a truly bespoke gift.

    Lastly, I wanted to show you a new product and I have to admit that I LOVE it!  Natural wood is my favourite product to work with and I love wooden products in the home.  These rustic log plaques are so natural - they are literally just a slice through a tree! They example below shows wedding related wording scattered around the plaque, including the name of the couple, wedding date and venue, and honeymoon destination.

    Engraved log plaque personalised wedding words

    They wooden plaque would also make gorgeous gifts for a new baby or Christening, or maybe just a family plaque with all the names of the family members plus other related wording.

    The log plaque is £17 with free UK postage and the wording is burned into the wood by hand so is fully customiseable!  Click on the photo to take you to the product!

    That's all for now; my wine glass needs a re-fill and my pj's are calling!  Many thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, or would like to share your own 'due date' story, I would love to hear from you!

  10. Summer is definitely in the air and that long, cold winter is a distant memory!  Father's Day has been and gone and I was kept super busy here at Pretty and Personalised HQ creating lots of wonderful gifts for the special men in your life!  I do hope they loved their personalised gifts!

    worlds greatest farter

    Thoughts now turn to end-of-term teacher gifts and childminder gifts and there is a lovely range to choose from on the website ... there is a category dedicated to teacher gifts here 

    Teacher Gifts

    New for 2018 are these fabulous personalised wooden rulers and they have proved super popular for those lucky teachers! (Click on photo to take you to the product!).


    These personalised wooden notebooks make fantastic gifts for teachers too and can have any message engraved into the wood!

    Personalised wooden notebook

     As always, feel free to Contact Me with any ideas you have or if you would like something you cannot see on the website and I will do my best to help!

  11. Hi everyone!  Some exciting things are happening here at Pretty and Personalised HQ with lots of new products being introduced and lots more still to come ~ my lil' head is bursting with new ideas!  Designing new personalised gifts is one of my favourite parts of my job!

    I have been running some giveaways and super special offers over on my Facebook page

    Pretty and Personalised

    to make up samples of the new items with a bottle opener, wooden plaques, and personalised rulers given away for FREE this week!

    Personalised bottle opener, plaque, ruler freebie giveaways

    I have lots more ideas still to come so make sure you are following me on Facebook to be in with a chance of winning! 

    Due to algorithm changes on Facebook, even if you follow my page, you won't always be shown my posts on your news feed ... the best way to ensure you see my posts is to interact with some of the posts ~ you can like, comment or share, tag your friends or click on the links / photos.  This lets Facebook know that you are interested in seeing my posts and are therefore more likely to be shown my posts in your newsfeed!  You can also change your settings on Facebook itself to ensure you see my posts ... just click on my page (on a laptop / desktop ~ I couldn't see how to do it on mobile!), click on 'Following', which is located just under the cover photo, and change the setting from 'Default' to 'See first' ~ This will ensure you don't miss out on the chance of a freebie!


    There will be more giveaways and special offers coming up soon so check my page regularly for details!

    I will be adding a brand new page to the website shortly showcasing your own photos of the items you have received from Pretty and Personalised ... see these fabulous examples below:

    Customer photos of personalised photo frames


    I would love to see your items in use and to feature them on the website ~ If you can, please send your photos to me via email

    [email protected]

    or you can message me via my Facebook Page. 

    I can't wait to hear from you!

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Good evening all!

    Just a quick post to show you some of the lovely new products which have just been added to the website!

    This stylish bronze mosaic finish photo frame has a wooden heart which can be personalised with the short message of your choice

    Bronze mosaic personalised photo frame



    We see the return of an old favourite to Pretty and Personalised.  This gorgeous set of wooden wish pebbles has five different wishes engraved into the wood and comes in a lovely hessain bag tied with an engraved wooden tag.  They were a popular gift on the website several years ago and unfortunately my old supplier ran out of the lovely pebbles, but now they are back!  They make wonderful unique gifts for weddings and birthdays ... why not send some special wishes to someone you love!

    Wooden wish pebbled in a hessian bag


    Another popular gift on the website are the button head family frames in a white box frame and I am really excited to now introduce these button head frames in a wood effect box frame.

    Button head wood finish family frame


    I have also added these gorgeous white double heart shaped photo frames which are personalised with little engraved bunting triangles ... perfect for weddings!

    Mr and Mrs buntind white double frame

    Lastly for this eveing, I am excited to show you these gorgeous shabby chic heart shaped wall clocks which can be personalised with any message

    Family personalised white heart shaped clock

    I think that is all for this evening, I would love to know what you think!

    You can contact me via the 'Contact' page on the website or email me at

    [email protected]

    or follow me on social media - links at the top of the website!

    Bye for now!

  13. Hi All!  Just a quick post to say



    Up to 15% off !

    All items are handcrafted to order and can often be posted quickly if required ~ just add a message to your order at checkout letting me know when you require the item by and I will do my best to help!

    UK postage is free and items are posted via Second Class Royal Mail, which are normally delivered 2-3 working days after dispatch.  If you require an item quicker you can upgrade to First Class post for just £1 per item, meaning your order will normally arrive next working day from dispatch.

    I have been doing a lot of tweaking of the website over the last couple of weeks and would love any feedback; on the overall look / layout, ease of use and please let me know if you spot any mistakes!

    Below is just an example of the wide range of Personalised Gifts available on the website.

    Feel free to Contact Me if you cannot find what you are looking for!

    Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!

    Personalised Gifts, personalised photo frame, hair brush, button head family frame, slate heart

  14. By far the biggest seller at Pretty and Personalised are the beautiful chunky wooden personalised photo frames ... and as an added bonus, they are my favourite product to personalise too!

    These solid wood frames are made in a factory in the UK and personalised right here at Pretty and Personalised HQ.  Each frame starts off completely blank so you can choose to customise your frame with any of the quotes shown on the website, change the odd word here or there, or you can completely change the wording to the special message of your choice.

    They are available to fit a 6x4" or 7x5" photo and can be hung or stood in either landscape or portrait orientation.

    I often get emails from customers saying what a wonderful 'wood' smell the frames have!  Have a smell for yourself next time you place an order!

    These personalised frames make beautiful keepsake gifts to display treasured memories and are suitable for any occasion.  This photo frame below was ordered as a gift to celebrate a special new arrival ...

    Personalised new baby wooden photo frame

    From this side view you can see just how chunky this frame is ...

    Side view of personalised photo frame

    The wording is burned into the wood by hand making them unique compared to other personalised photo frames available online, which are laser engraved by machine.  I love the natural effect of the engraved wording; just look how deep it burns into the wood ...

    Engraved wording on the photo frame

    When you order from Pretty and Personalised, you are given the option at checkout to send the item to an alternative address; perfect to send a gift directly to the recipient.  You can also add a message to the back of the frame to let them know who their special gift is from.

    Personalised message on the back of the frame

    The quality of these personalised photo frames are simply wonderful ... I have so many customers return time and time again for different occasions and the frames are always so well received.

  15. I have a gorgeous new range of photo frames introduced over the last few months which have proved super popular and there is a never ending range of uses for them ... my beautiful chunky photo frames are now available with personalised white wooden hearts as decoration which give a whole new dimension to some of my most popular frames!

    Personalised photo frame white wooden hearts engraved

    Perfect for new Nans / Great Nans / Grandads / Great Grandads!


    Grandchildren personalised wooden photo frame for Nan Grandad

    For the larger family, you can have up to 5 names up the left hand side and 5 name up the right hand side ... up to 10 grandchildren - how fabulous!

    Another example for this lovely frame ...

    Godmother Godfather Auntie Uncle Personalised Photo Frame with white Hearts Wooden

    All photo frames are personalised to your own requirements so the wording can be changed to the message of your choice ... just write the wording you require in the text boxes provided!  Click on the photos to take you to the products on the website!

  16. For as long as I have been running Pretty and Personalised (eek, almost 8 years now!!)the personalised dog photo frames have been by far one of my best sellers.  Whether it is in rememberance of a beloved dog or cat, or to display you favourite photo of your new puppy or much loved family member, the possibilities for the photo frames are endless.

    I have now added some of the more popular quotes or phrases to the website for inspiration and easy ordering.  As always, though, at Pretty and Personalised, you can have any wording you like on the frame, so if you need to change a quote slightly, or completely, just write the wording you require in the text boxes provided.

    The dog or cat photo frames are all have little paw prints burned into the wood for that perfect finishing touch!

    Some of the new frames can be seen below and you can view the full range by clicking


     Dog personalised photo frame more than a pet  Personalised dog photo frame favourite hello Beautiful boy personalised wooden photo frame for dog 


  17. A range of beautiful baby scan personalised wooden photo frames are now available on the website.  These chunky rustic frames take a picture measuring 5"x5" and are perfect to display your precious 12 week or 20 week scan (or any in between if you are lucky enough to have more scans!)  I have triplet boys and was lucky enough to be scanned every two weeks ... That was over 13 years ago now but if I had been running Pretty and Personalised at that point I would have had baby scan photo frames everywhere!

    They are a perfect way of announcing the news to grandparents-to-be and can have wording such as

    'Meet your first Grandchild'

    'Only the best parents get promoted to Grandparents'

    Grandparent baby scan frame

    Or if the scan is for the mum or dad-to-be you can have a message such as

    'Can't wait to meet you'

    'Due December 2017'

    'All because two people fell in love'

    'From the moment we saw you we loved'

    Mummy daddy fell in love personalised baby scan frame

    You can have any message you like on the frames, just write the wording you require in the text boxes provided.  All wording is hand engraved into the wood.

    View the full range of personalised baby scan photo frames here

    Baby Scan Frames

    I would love to see some of your scan frames complete with your precious scan pictures ... feel free to share them on my Facebook page! (Link at the bottom of the page!)

  18. 20% off all photo frames!

    Wooden personalised photo frames

    Summer is finally here and Pretty and Personalised are pleased to offer 20% off all photo frames!  Whether you like the rustic chunkiness of the wooden personalised photo frames, or prefer the distressed shabby chic finish of the vintage personalised photo frames, you can now buy them for just £10 with free UK postage (usual price £12.50). 

    vintage personalised photo frames

    All photo frames start off completely blank so if you have seen one you like but want to change the wording slightly, add a couple of names or change the message completely, that is absolutely fine - just write the wording you require on the photo frame in the text boxes provided!

    Happy shopping and long may this lovely sunny weather last!

  19. I have been busy adding some exciting brand new items to the website over the last week or so and have also had a major re-shuffle of website categories, so now, rather than having a long list of categories, you can now choose to:

    • Shop by Product ~ where you will find the personalised photo frames, chopping boards, wooden spoons, personalised glass, ceramic and slate gifts
    • Shop by Occasion ~ where you can have a browse and find the perfect wedding, new baby, Christening, birthday or Christmas gift
    • Shop by Recipient ~ where you can search for the perfect personalised gift for special friends, children, grandparents etc.

    There is also a brand new 'Design your own' category where you will easily find everything you need to design your own photo frame, chopping board, glass heart and lots more.  New products will be added to this section too so check back soon!

    I love these new personalised heart shaped photo frame which can be engraved with the short message of your choice and would look fabulous displayed on a mantlepiece or windowsill... Click on the photos to take you to the product pages!

    personalised heart shaped photo frame

    This beautiful double driftwood style photo frame is also new to the website and is a perfect way of displaying, for example, wedding photos, with the wording

    'Mr & Mrs ... And they lived happily ever after'

    Stock is limited on these so don't miss out!

    Personalised double photo frame driftwood style

    And lastly I have added to the website this beautiful personalised photo frame which was actually a customer request.  She had an idea for what she wanted on the photo frame but couldn't see exactly what she wanted on the website, so she asked ... and I said yes!  I love how it turned out and is a great way to capture those holiday memories forever!

    personalised photo frame for holiday memories

    If you have an idea yourself for something you have in mind but can't see on the website, please ask via the 'contact me' form or email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to help!

    I am signing off for now, lots of orders to create and post out ~ I do hope you enjoy the website changes and new products!


  20. As the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to turn, thoughts inevitably turn to Christmas.  As I get so busy here at Pretty and Personalised HQ in the run up to Christmas, I have to be super organised and I have done most of my Christmas shopping already! ... oh err except for my triplet boys that is ... they are 11 now and in that 'very awkward to buy for stage' ... too old for toys, too young to really want or appreciate clothes, aftershaves etc!  I have asked them to start putting a list together and am intrigued to see what they come up with!  They have just started secondary school and have found it quite challenging to get themselves organised ... The transition from primary school to secondary school has been quite a shock to the system for them and I am finding it difficult to allow them time to organise themselves and make their own mistakes ... I know I won't be doing them any favours in the long run if I pack their books and P.E. kits for them, much as they would love me to! Individually, none of them are particularly losing many things, but with the three of them together we are constantly trying to find or replace lost items! I am sure they will improve!  Here they are on their first day at high school ...

    triplets first day of high school

    I have been busy behind the scenes creating some new personalised Christmas products and re-vamping some old ones ... I think one of my favourite new products is this wooden 'Santa please stop here' arrow sign which can be personalised with you child's (or children's) names ... Yours for just £12.50 with free postage!

     Santa please stop here personalised wooden sign

    These two personalised Christmas plaques from last year have been given a slightly new look too...

    this house believes personalised wooden sign plaque  personalised christmas sign family surname welcome

    I will soon be adding this brand new style of personalised wooden Christmas sign to the website which can be hand engraved with any wording!

    family friends personalised christmas sign plaque

     I remember my boys loved to leave out cookies (and a nice glass of red wine!) for Santa on Christmas Eve when they were younger and these personalised wooden chopping board plaques are a perfect way to leave out that special treat!

    santa rudolph treat chopping board

    Keep your eyes peeled for these items and more coming to the website, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and offers! (links at bottom of website)







  21. Welcome to my latest blog post ... can you believe it is nearing the end of May already?!  Spring is definitely in the air ~ my garden is lush and green and we are lucky enough to have blue tits nesting just outside our living room window so we can hear the tiny cheeps of the chicks and watch the busy parents flitting back and forth feeding their hungry brood ~ and I thought I worked hard!

    I get a lot of emails asking if certain words can be changed on my products ... and the answer is always YES!  All items at Pretty and Personalised start off completely blank, so the examples shown on the website are only guides as to the wording you can have.  All items are handmade to order so you can have ANY wording you require!

    You can have a browse through the wide range of products with quotes on available on the website and if something is not quite right for your gift then you can change any part of it ... for example, with the quote

    'A grandad is someone you can always look up to ... no matter how tall you grow'

    you may like to change it to Dad or Great Grandpa, or even Nan.  It is YOUR gift and can be personalised exactly as you require.

    You may not even require a quote on your item, you may just want your own special message as in the examples of recent orders below

    design your own personalised slate heart sign plaque

    Design your own personalised photo frame

    Design your own white personalised photo frame

    Design your own personalised chopping board

    The photos can be clicked on to take you to the product page!

    You may have your own favourite quote or song lyric that you would like to see on a gift ...

    Design your own personalised wooden plaque sign

    Or you may even have an idea of an item that you would like in the Pretty and Personalised handcrafted style that you cannot currently see on the website!  I recently had a lovely regular customer ask if I could make a button head style family picture frame for her and her friend ... I, of course, was happy to oblige as I LOVE getting creative and designing a new product ... and this was the result ...

    Personalised button head family picture frame

    Personalised button head family photo frame in white

    I love the finished product and have just added them to the website ... click the photos to be taken to the product!

    If you have an idea for a product that you would like and you cannot see it on the website, please contact me by clicking the tab above, or if you would like to send photos, email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

    I have lots more ideas in the pipeline so will keep you posted!

    I am signing off now ... my glass of wine is calling!

    Night all! x


  22. Welcome to my latest blog, where we talk about 40th birthdays, caricaturists, Father's day and discount codes!  Read on to find out how you can claim 10% off purchases of two or more items!

    Hands up if you have a man in your life who is difficult to buy for?! I think we all know someone like this and my lovely husband is no exception!  He turned 40 last week and I set myself the task of buying him 40 gifts for his 40th year!  As hard as it was scouring the internet for ideas, and buying 40 gifts, it was a lovely start to his birthday to see him opening them all! 

    40 gifts for 40th birthday!

    I wanted to make something special for him, something a little different from the norm ... I created this photo board by using upholstery pins to pin over 50 square photos of him from over the last 40 years in date order and finshed it off by engraving a wooden plaque with the words 'It has taken me 40 years to look this good'.  (Please ignore my little yorkie in the photo, she likes to be in on the action!)

    Photo board for 40th birthday

    Engraved plaque for photo board

    The photo board looks fabulous now it is complete!  Please contact me if you would like me to recreate a plaque similar to the one shown here!

    I have always wanted a caricature drawn of myself and my family and found a fantastic caricaturist to draw us as an additional gift for his birthday.  We are so pleased with the finished result and love the way she has managed to make each of our triplet boys look slightly different from one another ... not an easy task as they do look so similar! The caricature is now framed in one of the black wooden photo frames available on the website and has pride of place in our living room!  Can you see the resemblance?!

    My lovely family and our caricature

    Our caricature

    With Father's Day coming up next month, you may find you are struggling to find that perfect gift.  Even the most difficult-to -buy-for man would appreciate the thought and effort put into a personalised gift.  I have put together a few ideas below to give you some ideas and inspiration.  From items which are brand new for 2015 like the ceramic star and heart, to old favourites such as personalised photo frames and slate hearts, I am sure you will find something you love!

     Personalised ceramic heart and star  Daddy mend personalised hammer

    Slate heart for Daddy  Fathers Day yacht photo frame

    Daddy sons first hero photo frame

    These personalised gifts are all available on the website (click on the photos to be taken to the product page) and you can claim 10% off an order of two or more items by using discount code 10multi in the box at checkout!

    Whether you are shopping for your own dear Dad or Grandad, or on behalf of your children for your husband or partner, show them just how special they are this Father's day with a wonderful keepsake gift from Pretty and Personalised.



  23. I do love a wedding ... a real chance to get dressed up ... the weeks of preparation, finding the perfect dress, matching shoes and handbag, getting your hair, nails and tan done, praying for some good weather ... and that is just if you are a guest!  If you are lucky enough to be getting married this year I hope all your plans are going smoothly.

    I loved planning my own wedding ... I have been married to my wonderful husband and best friend for 7 years this year.  Our triplets were 4 years old at the time and were just about to start school.  I remember their gorgeous shiny shoes which we hired from the suit shop ... proper miniature versions of their dad's shoes!  This is my favourite photo taken of them on our wedding day ... I was watching from a distance as the photographer crouched next to them taking this photo and knew that the end result would be lovely!

    My 4 year old triplets on our wedding day

    I made a lot of things for the wedding myself for a really personal touch;  invitations, place cards, table number, table plan etc ... This was in the days before Pretty and Personalised was born and I loved having the chance to be so creative!  I wanted my table decorations to be my favourite flower ~ orchids  ... so I painted and decorated terracotta flower pots in a vivid fuchsia pink to display the orchids in and they looked fabulous arranged down the long tables ... bright splashes of colour against the white tablecloths.

    At the end of our wonderful wedding day, I was able to give out these orchids as gifts to my family and friends which made a lovely long lasting memento of our day.

    It was these painted flower pots which inspired me to start Pretty and Personalised just over a year later.  After working night shifts as a Healthcare Assistant at my local hospital, much as I loved my job, I was constantly tired and knew it was time for a change...

    ...and so Pretty and Personalised was born.  I started off selling personalised flower pots, then added a range of personalised plaques and photo frames and have never looked back.  That was over 5 years ago now and I cannot imagine doing anything else.  I LOVE my job; being able to create a whole range of beautiful personalised gifts, and meeting so many wonderful people while still being around for my children and husband.

    I love creating personalised wedding gifts; knowing each one will be given with so much love and hope for the future.  From gifts for the special couple to mark their wedding day, to thank you gifts from the bride and groom to their bridesmaids, best man etc, there is a whole range of unique gifts to choose from.

    personalised candle spoon coat hangers and rolling pin

    You can choose your own message or quote on a personalised candle, personalise a wooden spoon or rolling pin, or surprise anyone in the wedding party with their own personalised coat hanger ... these look wonderful in the wedding photos with all the dresses hung up together.


    You can choose from a range of wooden plaques / signs which can all be personalised with the message of your choice ... from a Mr& Mrs arrow to point your wedding guests in the right direction, to a freestanding wooden plaque or rustic hanging plaque with the couple's name and date of wedding, you are sure to find a gift that will be treasured forever.

    wedding thank you glass heart pint glass horseshoe hammer

    To thank your bridesmaid, flower girl, mother of the bride / groom, you can personalise a glass heart with your own message, and these hand decorated pint glasses make a perfect gift for a best man, usher, father of the bride / groom.

    The wedding horseshoe is a traditional gift to give to a bride on her wedding day, and personalising it with your own message will make it even more special.

    The personalised wooden hammer is a fairly new addition to the website and has already proved very popular for the newly married couple.

    So if you are planning your own wedding, or are atttending a wedding as a guest this year, I do hope you enjoy browing through the Wedding Gifts section of the website and find some inspiration for truly personal and unique gifts.  And I hope the day is a truly memorable one.

    Signing off for now;  the sun is shining and I must take my gorgeous little Yorkshire Terrier for a walk before she thinks I have forgotten all about her!

    My gorgeous yorkshie terrier Poppy

    Keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram ~ find the links at the bottom of the website!



  24. While my husband has been having a rather windy game of golf today, I have spent a pleasant day on some website maintenance, updating photos and other information... a job I do rather enjoy but which I often find difficult to find time to do ~ and after countless episodes of 'Friends' and endless cups of tea I finally feel like I am getting somewhere! 

    With more and more people browsing the internet and shopping on the move, using smart phones and tablets, I have switched to a responsive website layout so you will find it simple to browse and buy from Pretty and Personalised wherever you are and whatever device you are using!  Checkout is safe and secure via PayPal or Stripe and I never see any of your payment details so you can buy with confidence.  Although I do state to allow up to 10 working days for dispatch, I am often able to post out much sooner than this.  You can leave me a note in the box at checkout if you require an item sooner and I will always do my best to accommodate your request.  Postage is via Royal Mail first class post which usually arrives within 1-2 working days.                                         

    I am lucky enough to have three happy helpers when it comes to the post run ... in the form of my triplets ... always willing to lend a hand ...for a small fee of course!


    I love having requests for new items ... a recent request for a personalised wooden hammer has proved very popular, not only for Anniversary or Wedding gifts, but for Dad and Grandad gifts too ... there are so many quotes that would look great on a hammer ... here are a few recent orders





    They make fantastic and unusual gifts, don't you agree!?  They are just £12.50 each with free postage and if you click on any of the photos, it will take you to the hammer in the shop.

    You can sign up to receive my newsletter at the bottom of the website ~ just enter your email address for weekly updates on what's new and receive exclusive discounts!  And why not follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest ~ links are at the bottom of the page!

    I am signing off now to continue with my website maintenance ~ more products will be added in the coming week so come back soon to see what is new!


  25. Despite the mild winter, it is always a lovely feeling knowing that spring is here, with the lighter evenings, milder temperatures, nesting birds and blossoming trees!  I have been busy over the last few weeks adding a new range of glass and ceramic gifts to the website. 



    These lovely glass hearts proved extremely popular this Mother's Day, leading to me selling out twice!  They make wonderful gifts as they can be personalised with the message of your choice, or you can choose from the wide range of beautful quotes available



    There are lots of wine glasses available now on the website, both singly and in pairs and again can have any message on them making great gifts for any occasion.  One of my favourites so far was made for Mother's Day and features the quote 'Goodnight kids...hello wine'.      I am sure I am not the only mum who can relate to this after a long day!  At just £10.50, it is a great gift, and as with all items at Pretty and Personalised, there is free UK postage!


    You can view the full range of personalised ceramic and glass gifts here and come back soon as more items are being added weekly!

    As you may or may not know, I am lucky enough to be a mum to lovely triplets, all boys, who are now 11.  To entice them away from the x-box for an hour or so during these Easter holidays, I sorted out my glass and ceramic paints and set them a task to decorate their own drinks glass and cereal bowl...they loved it and are very pleased with the results!  What do you think?!




    Finally I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter ~ Don't forget to check out the Easter Sale, lots of products available at discounted prices ~ ends Tuesday!



  26. Good afternoon and welcome to my first blog of 2014!  I hope your new year is going well so far...doesn't Christmas seem like a long time ago now?!

    Valentine's day is just a month away and is the perfect time to show someone just how much you love them!  This wonderful photo frame would look perfect with a special photo of you and your other half...



    This beautiful genuine 'Me to You' bear makes the perfect gift and comes with a personalised wooden tag whcih can have the message of your choice hand engraved into both sides of the wood.




    Have there been any new little arrivals for the new year?  If you are struggling to find the perfect gift, take a look at this beautiful framed A4 duck shaped word art can be filled with all the baby's birth details and can have an extra message along the bottom of the is available in blue or pink!



    You can click on any of the photos to take you to the products on the website!

    Thanks for reading...I will blog again soon!

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!


  27. Woo hoo Christmas is getting closer! 

    With less than three weeks to go until the big day, Pretty and Personalised is busy busy busy!  My Christmas tree is up and presents are wrapped!  I get so busy at Christmas that I have to be super organised!  I have even got my 9 year old triplets working hard...they stamp up and add fragile stickers to my envelopes!...and get paid for it of course!


    I am working all hours at the moment to get your lovely items sent out within just a few days, so you will get your orders in good time for Christmas.  I have stated the last day for Christmas orders is Sunday 15th December so you still have plenty of time to get your orders in. 

    I will, of course, extend this deadline if at all possible!

    Many thanks for keeping me so busy!

  28. Hi there...we are now heading towards the end of November and Christmas is fast approaching!  Now is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping done...and what better way to do it than online with Pretty and Personalised Gift Boutique!  Pop the kettle on, put your feet up and have a browse through the wide range of gifts available on the website!

    I regularly add new items and update the photos of old favourites so there is always something new to see!

    I have just added three brand new items to the website...beautiful wooden hanging decorations...


    They can all have the wording of your choice burned into the wood and would look fabulous hung on a door handle or hook.  They can be found by browsing All Products in the shop.

    There are gifts suitable for everybody this Christmas...the most popular by far are the personalised photo frames which can all have the message of your choice along the top and bottom of the frame and make a great gift to display a treasured photograph.  As an added bonus, there is currently £1 off all photo frames...prices from just £11.50 including UK postage!


    Christmas is always the busiest time here at Pretty and Personalised although I am working extremely hard to keep on top of orders and most orders are currently being dispatched within a couple of working days!

    Last order date for Christmas delivery is Sunday 15th December 2013.  All orders placed on or before this date will be posted at the very latest by Friday 20th December 2013.  The earlier you can order, the earlier you will receive your gift...and if you need something by a specific date please ask and, as always, I will do my best to help!

    I am signing off for the night now...thanks for reading!

  29. I am very excited to be writing my first has been on my to-do list for a long time!

    With Christmas only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping...and what better gift to give than one personalised with your own message! 


    A personalised Christmas photo frame makes a wonderful gift...

    ...why not add a photo of your little one in a cute Christmassy oufit!  The beautiful quality wooden frames are just £12.50 including postage for a 6x4" frame and are sure to be treasured for years to come.


    A personalised 'Me to You' bear is a perfect way to tell someone how much you love them!  These are brand new to the website and stock is limited!  They are £17.50 including postage and come with a wooden tag which is personalised (on one or both sides) with the message of your choice!


    Have you seen these gorgeous personalised wooden memory boxes?  They can have any message burned into the wood by hand and are a perfect place to keep special photos and keepsakes! 

    If you have any questions, you can either contact me or check out the Frequently Asked Questions section!

    With my busy period coming up I work extremely hard to keep dispacth times to a minimum...I anticipate that my cut off date for pre-Christmas delivery will be around 12th-15th December...I will keep you posted!